Training, diet and tracking software developed around you and your clients!

What are the biggest problems you face with your business? See our features to find out how Active Manage Lifestyle could take your business to the next level.

Are you spending countless hours managing your clients and their plans?

Our platform reduces time dramatically by streamlining every aspect of the PT to client relationship, by using the online tools you can create training and food plans in minutes which are easy-to-follow and look great.

Are you struggling to get noticed amongst the thousands of other PTs in your area?

Providing a world-class service that makes you a client’s first-choice with your own professional app not offered by most other personal trainers.

Do you find that you struggle to keep your clients for longer than 8 weeks?

By clients using the app, they receive a industry-leading experience that they can follow 24/7 from any device along with a greater value for money due to the app providing a large feature base suitable for experience levels.

Are you juggling all your clients through multiple channels such as WhatsApp, E-mail, Texts and Social Media?

Centralised messaging service built into the app to allow a streamlined client interaction.

Are your clients unsure how to perform some exercises or aren't happy with the foods you have given them in their plans?

The app allows you store step-by-step information along with a video how to perform each exercise to ensure your clients know exactly what to do.

Struggling to get your clients to follow their plans and perform regular check-ins?

Our state-of-the art check-in system includes all of the essential metrics along with selfie check-in to easily allow your clients to upload progress photos directly from their phone or tablet. You progress reports for any client at the click of a button and provide feedback.


I used to spend hours each day looking through emails, talking to clients on the phone, texting by whatsapp and facebook messenger. Now I talk to all my clients on the chat service where I have all my clients in one place. Now if they need me, they can get a hold of each other the simplest way.

Miss. Allen

Freelance Personal Trainer

I had 9 other PTs who work in the same gym as I did. Since getting the app, I have been able to explain to customers why I can provide a better service. I no longer work in the gym and I train all my clients through the app. This has reduced my overall cost dramatically as I no longer pay rent to train my client in the gym.

M. Hardy

Personal Trainer

I have only just started using the app and i have now increased my online database by over 70%. These customers pay more money, require less communication and spread the word of my app and plans. This has allowed me to now start to market myself on facebook to the USA to increase customers.

D. Fox

Personal Trainer Manager

We previously sold training plan eBooks on our website which almost always provided us with just a 'one-off' sale, now we have loaded the plans from the eBooks onto ActiveManage Lifestyle which has allowed us to provide a subscription model to our clients and significantly more value for money as the clients get the full app package. Highly recommended.

L. Cooper


Trusted by independent PT's and large companies alike

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