ActiveManage Lifestyle PT

Are you a PT looking to increase your revenue but also want to reduce the amount of hours you work? An ActiveManage Lifestyle app is the perfect solution to help you stand out from the crowd and offer your own branded app loaded with industry leading features to your clients.

Provide your clients with the most advanced personal training, nutrition and tracking app available and take the stress out of growing your business.

Online training

Want to become an internationally renowned PT and train clients around the world, helping people achieve their goals whilst you sleep? An ActiveManage Lifestyle app allows you to provide bespoke training plans to clients for them to follow anywhere in the world.

Face to face training

Want to manage your workload better with face to face PT clients? The ActiveManage Lifestyle app allows you to reduce all your paperwork, using different communication systems and even allows you to build plans in the click of a button based on client profiles. Arrange all your clients in one place, from their food plans, training plans, sessions and check in within one place, in minutes.

Tracking your clients

You no longer have to chase clients to do weekly check in and to assess their messages and images over email, text and WhatsApp. You can easily track your clients by session or use the auto generated tracking tool at the end of each week or month to track their exercise and nutrition progress. Your clients can easily check in with the selfie center and the images can be downloaded for social media content at the click of a button.

Provide the ultimate service and stand out from the crowd

Be the most advanced and personal trainer in your area and offer a service unmatched by other local PT’s. Upload your own content or use our pre-loaded images and videos for exercises to show your clients how to perform exercises, or to run through the session with an online client. Be a leader, be a visionary.